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Alternative fuels

Whenever possible, Lafarge uses waste products in place of fossil fuels to fire its cement kilns. The kilns' high temperature ensures that the alternative fuels are burned safely.

One compelling alternative to fossil fuels is fuel derived from waste or byproducts from agriculture (biomass) and industry, such as:

  • coffee husks,

  • rice husks,

  • palm nut husks,

  • scrap plastic.


All of these can be recycled as alternative fuels and burned safely in cement kilns.


This approach relieves the community of the need to process this waste and helps to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The extremely high temperatures in cement kilns eliminate the waste completely, leaving no residue.


At present, alternative fuels account for 10.7% of Lafarge's fuel use across all businesses.


Lafarge actively participates in the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) system initiated under the Kyoto Protocol.

Palm nut husks used as alternative fuel

Palm nut husks used as alternative fuel

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