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Lafarge’s expertise in safe waste solutions

Since it first began using waste products as an alternative fuel in the 1970s, Lafarge has developed significant expertise in this field.

The use of waste products as a resource requires careful planning and execution. Lafarge has established:

  • stringent quality control standards in the use of waste products,
  • a rigorous training policy for engineers, technicians and foremen.

In this way - and with the active contribution of Lafarge R&D teams - Lafarge is able to reinforce the use of alternative fuels and materials while optimizing its own industrial processes.


Lafarge Cement sees the use of alternatives and the pursuit of industrial ecology as distinct but complementary aspects of its core business. To leverage its expertise, Lafarge has developed a dynamic strategy and a dedicated organization, both globally and within its operational units.


Lafarge also enters into partnerships with local waste processing specialists. Lafarge has acquired share capital in Systech, a major waste management company in North America.

La Calera Cement Plant's tire stocks used as alternative fue

La Calera Cement Plant's tire stocks used as alternative fuels in the kiln

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